Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Challay jaise hawaain

Long time NO seaaaaaaaaaaa
I won’t say that I was BZzzzzzzzzzzz or quite involved in “SOMETHING ”important!;)
No no I am NOT being Modest or something
But there was NOTHING exciting at my side to tell at least I think so!
Know what I feel BORED at really exciting moments and vice versa!
So now you can understand how I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E I am!(Stop rolling your eyes!!)
Ok last week three of our friends gave birthday treats at KAYBEE’S!(I am including myself too!
It was NOT a BLAST but it was somewhat FUN!!
THAT day when I went to the university na it was QUITE refreshing and I got a “CHUM CHUM ”too!
There were many boys and girls belonging to JAMIAAT standing at the gates and were offering these sweets!
Later on I came to know that it was HAZRAT ABU BAKKAR SIDDIQUE’ s birthday!
What can I say? (8-))
Then we went to one of my group mate’s house as she forgot her mobile there now you will think that what is the BIG DEAL?!??!
Bohat say LOG bhooltay rehtay hain!
But you know she has got a camera mobile and as we were going to celebrate our birthdays so she wanted to get it!
Anyways we went there by bus and came back by Rikshaw !
It was QUITE fun as she kept on taking each and everyone’s pictures!
Than when we got there every body(I am NOT talking about the whole uni of course !:P)was thinking that we were lying that we went to her home just to get a mobile but we had proofs too!
We also took the picture of SAFARI PARK’S HAATHI(rmmbr the one on the main gate!)
Now Now please don’t start yawning daikha na I told U nothing exciting………..!!!!
Day b4 yesterday the mausum was so cool and it started raining too we bunked our class although we were in PUKKAY mood of attending it laikin kya kurte Barish BHE toh kabhe kabhe hey hoti hai na!(A)
We bought gurma gurm pakoras and went to explore our uni!
There was THIS place which was so cool:D!!!!
ALATOOOOL on the way too the clinic
There are many many more places which we haven’t explored yet!!
O Gosh I wonder If I will ever get a chance!
Our uni is shaw HUGEEEEEEEE!!!!
Bus bohat hogaya
Main khud B-O-R-E hogai hoon!
Iss liyyae ME cutting
Do Take Care!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Life is so Beautiful

Me f9 f9 hope the same 4 everybody out there!
Okies how are you people doing
14th AUGUST is about to come only 11 more days left!!!
today while I was on my way back from my deary uni!
i saw stalls with flags, badges and such stuff!
Than I thought so hard and tried to rmmbr the last time i waz here on an independence day!
In the Uni I had "SUCH" a day k bussssss!!!!
knw wat everybody at the UNI teases me alootttt!!
Btw it is a different thing that I JUST LOVE TO BE TEASED!!!
i do rmmbr that i LOVE ICE LOLLIES tooo!!!!
Today when I went the canteen for some "PAIT POOJA"
I bought an ice lolly. On my way back I found my group mates laughing hysterically over something wanna know why were they laughing?
One of my group mate asked “Sauchau yaar k Wardah apnay NIKAH pay kya baantay gey?”
And the answer was……………………………………….”ICE LOLLIES!!!!what else???!?”
I know I know its FUNNNNNNNNN!
Yah alag baat hai k at the other moment I am BACK to my old selfJ!
Now Now what can I do about me being shaw shweeet?:P(eh……….right na???)
What else?hmmmmmm
Life’s going on and on.
Me signing off now
Will be back INSHALLAH
Take Cares!

Monday, August 02, 2004

I, I am not... but I am!!

Assalaam O Alaikum,

“It’s a Small World afterall!”. No.. no one knows me yet.. hehehe, its just that Munn made me write all this. Stupid Stuff… atleast.. it is for the time being. Okay Okay, first let me get used to it. I’ll tell how it is.. after an year or so, alright Munn :P?

I am not the writing type, uff…yeah, I didn’t even made this account of mine.. coz my net sucks… lol… Munn’s net sucks too… shes saying that, but shes intelligent enough to handle it anyway… [don’t be surprised, I’ve to praise Munn anyway, shes my Best Friend!] Okay… so that’s a lil story how this “weblog” [did you say?] came into being. I tried and tried and tried… Munn was just telling me to use my head… but I couldn’t find a place on my computer to hit it. Atlast, she had to use her head. :P… what I mean to say… that no matter what we did… I am now writing… and most probably, Munn would be the only one reading it. [though she loves to read what she writes, coz shes the only one to read that too , LOL.. Joke tha :P]

Hmmm… I still don’t know what we write in a weblog! “I think….” –BUZZ-, oh… was that the lie detection instrument you were using?? :@… :$… lol… [Ouch, don’t hit me, Wardoo :P] .. okay… as this is my VERY FIRST entry… and I am going to pray Nafls for it, as it go “on air”, coz the first entry I wrote in the “blogger” was jinxed , shaid… I am still in search of it. And then the 2nd entry I wrote… wow.. that was soooo coool… bohot achi thi.. per woh bhi Urran Choo ho gaee… :P, but I am sure, this time it wont go anywhere… I trust my BF ;)!!!
But b4 that I DO trust ALLAH
So im about to start writing blog and enter the new BLOGGER’S WORLD!!!!
So blogworld here I COME!!!!